Monday, November 12, 2018

Whatsapp | Gb WhatsApp Download | Feature

Whatsapp | Gb WhatsApp Download | Feature

Whatsapp | Gb WhatsApp Download | Feature, Lastbench Trick

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Whatsapp has become an inevitable part of our lives. A few years back people had to use paid applications for video calling or message packs were used for sending text messages. But now, every smartphone has this application on the mobile. The application lets you message your loved ones. Whether near or far, you can stay in contact with them just by a click of a button. 

Whatsapp messenger gives you the facility of video calling, free voice calling, media sharing like important documents, images, pdf, video etc. You can even share the contacts and your location over this application. All you need a good internet connection. The application is free and is available for both the platforms that are IOS and Android.

  • Gb WhatsApp download

Gb WhatsApp version of WhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp that has some additional features. The additional features include the extension of the limit of sending the photos. Now you can send 90 photos in one go, unlike the earlier 10 photos. You can also disable specific people from seeing your WhatsApp status, profile picture, last seen and even calling. It supports much more languages than the traditional version. The application allows you to send the automatic replies. Now you can use an external method like youtube etc to play the video inside the WhatsApp GB version. 

You can use the application on your mobile as well as on your laptop. The steps to download the Gb WhatsApp version are as follows:

  • Download the application from play store ar any other source. (uninstalling the traditional version is not mandatory)
  • Click on Agree and continue. 
  • Do not click on restore option as it will take you to the previous application only.
  • Fill the formalities and verify your number.
  • That’s it! 

Now you can use your new and latest WhatsApp at no cost. Upgrade today!

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